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Moschopoulos GAS
LPG Bottles - Natural Gas - Appliances - Studies - Installation - Distribution - Kefallonia


MOSCHOPOULOS GAS today is a technical & commercial company based in Lixouri, Kefalonia.
Starting in 2007 with a purely commercial profile in the category of distribution & sale of bottled LPG, it is recommended throughout the island of Kefalonia through K.Moschopoulos Panagi and gains credibility due to its consistency and competitive prices.
Maintaining all of the above in 2014 after the addition of the licensed gas fuel technician, K. Moschopoulos Efthymiou expands its activities in the areas of installation of gas-ventilation networks as well as the sale of professional-domestic equipment.
At the same time, in 2019 it acquires the ability to have ready-to-deliver bulk LPG for sale on a daily basis for the entire island.
Having complete knowledge and with a large network of partners in her quiver, she is the most creditable choice for every professional and individual who chooses to work with her, because every result becomes a known means of satisfying her clients.